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Chapter Officers
Regent Anita Agnes Magatti
Vice Regent Gail Anne Moodie
Chaplain Martha Elizabeth Kolko
Recording Secretary Virginia Lynn Steuart
Treasurer Victoria Westcott Magatti
Registrar Jane Lee Berrigan
Historian Mary Elizabeth DeMallie
Librarian Patricia Ann Montalbano
Parliamentarian Gwendolyn Jane Steuart

The Major Joseph Bloomfield Chapter holds once monthly chapter meetings during the months of September, October, November, December, March, April, May and June.  Our chapter programs are varied, interesting, educational and fun.
We hold our Spring Luncheon and Fall Luncheon at the historic, “Old Joseph Davis House” was built in 1676.
Our chapter Daughters also enjoy attending the NJDAR State Conference and the NJDAR State Fall
Each year in March, we hold a special event to honor our local students who participated in the NSDAR American History essay contest.  

Attendees include all fifth through eighth grade students, contest winners (first, second, third place, and honorable mention), their parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, principal, and president of the Bloomfield Board of Education.
We welcome all prospective members to attend one of our meetings, and we would be delighted for you to come learn who we are.  
Let us know how we can help you become a Member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please contact our webmaster.

Chapter History

Joseph Bloomfield. Oil portrait by Charles Willson Peale. Major Bloomfield sat for this portrait in Philadelphia, April 1777. It shows him in the full-dress uniform of a New Jersey Continental officer--gray with dark blue facings, cuffs, and collar, a light blue sash, and silver epaulettes and buttons. The New Jersey uniform was subsequently changed to blue with red facings. Photograph courtesy of the American Philosophical Society

The Major Joseph Bloomfield chapter was founded on April 1, 1916 in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  The organizing women took the name of Joseph Bloomfield because they were proud to bear the name of a New Jersey patriot who was distinguished in both war and peace. Joseph Bloomfield was a major during the American Revolution, and later a general in the War of 1812.   He was governor of the state of New Jersey, and a member of Congress.

The town of Bloomfield is named in his honor. He came to Bloomfield and delivered an address on July 6, 1797. In 1923, on the green where he spoke, the Major Joseph Bloomfield chapter dedicated a plaque in his honor.

Joseph Bloomfield was buried in St. Mary's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Burlington, New Jersey. This beautiful, quaint church is a National Historic Landmark. On October 5, 1998 our chapter members held a rededication ceremony at this site on the 175th anniversary of his death.

Chapter Patriots

Adams, John New York
Allen, Ichabod Connecticut
Arnett, Hannah White New Jersey
Artman, John Justis Connecticut & New York
Barrell, Joseph Massachusetts
Beach, John Connecticut
Beach, Nathan Pennsylvania
Beam, John New Jersey
Beaman, Ezra Massachusetts
Beavers, Joseph New Jersey
Bell, Thaddeus Connecticut
Bellows, John New Hampshire
Bemensderfer, John Pennsylvania
Berkley, George Virginia
Bogardus, Lewis New York
Bowles, Charles Virginia
Briggs, Amos Massachusetts
Brockett, Enos Connecticut
Brown, Henry New Jersey
Buell, David Connecticut
Burchfield, James Pennsylvania
Burnett, Samuel New Jersey
Camp, Samuel Connecticut
Chamberlain, Benjamin New Jersey
Cole, Jr., Joseph Virginia
Conkling, Edward New York
Cook, Elisha New Jersey
Cook, Jr., Jacob Massachusetts
Cook, Joseph Massachusetts
Coombs, Moses Newell New Jersey
Corwin, Benjamin New Jersey
Coryell, Abraham New Jersey
Craig, John Pennsylvania
Crane, Jr., William New Jersey
Crockett, Andrew Virginia
Crossman, Samuel Massachusetts
Cummings, Asa Massachusetts
Dart, Justus New Hampshire & Vermont
Dean, Jacob New Jersey
Dewey, John Woodward Connecticut
Dewey, William Connecticut & New Hampshire
Dodd, Isaac New Jersey
Dolson, John New York
Doolittle, Benjamin Connecticut
Doswell, James Virginia
Dusenbury, Richard New York
Edmands, Samuel New York
Edwards, Joseph New Jersey
Edwards, Timothy Massachusetts
Fischer, Hendrick New Jersey
Fisher, Minnie New York
Flansburgh, William New York
Foster, Jr., Benjamin Massachusetts
Frost, Joseph Connecticut
Gage, Asa Massachusetts
Garman, Leonard Pennsylvania
Garthwaite, John New Jersey
Geer, Charles New Hampshire
Green, David Rhode Island
Griswold, Shubael Connecticut
Grosvenor, Leicester Massachusetts
Hankinson, William New Jersey
Harris, Elisha Virginia
Hasbrouck, Jacobus New York
Haskell, Elias Massachusetts
Hawkins, Robert Maryland
Hazen, Abraham New Jersey
Hibbard, Jr., David Connecticut
Hichborn, Robert Massachusetts
Himrod, Aaron Pennsylvania
Hitchcock, David New York
Hitchcock, David Vermont
Holmes, Asher New Jersey
Honeyman, John New Jersey
Horton, John New York
Hough, Jacob Pennsylvania
Houston, Jr., John South Carolina
Houston, Samuel New Hampshire
Hudson, George Pennsylvania
Jackson, David Pennsylvania
Jacocks, Bowers New York
James, John Connecticut
Jones, Ambrose Virginia
Kellogg, Isaac Connecticut
Kichlein, Johann Andrew Pennsylvania
Kidney, Jonathan New York
Kimball, William Rhode Isalnd
Klotz, Casper Pennsylvania
Lauman, George Pennsylvania
Learn, John Pennsylvania
Locke, Jr., William New Hampshire
Locke, Sr., William New Hampshire
Loving, John Virginia
Malick, Henry Andreas New Jersey
Manis, Seth North Carolina
Marcy, Zebulon Connecticut
Maxwell, John New Jersey
McClure, Samuel Virginia
McKenney, John New Jersey
Merriam, Isaac Connecticut
McKitrick, John Pennsylvania
Miller, Jr., Ichabod Connecticut
Moulton, Sr., Stephen Connecticut
Murdock, Robert Massachusetts
Noyes, James New Hamphire
Onderdonk, Adrian New York
Parker, David Massachusetts
Phelps, Joel Connecticut
Phifer, Michael Pennsylvania
Post, John H New Jersey
Potter, David New Jersey
Prentiss, Sr., Stephen Connecticut
Reigart, Sr. Adam Pennsylvania
Robinson, Comfort Massachusetts
Rude, Caleb New Jersey
Schermerhorn, Bernardus New York
Scott, James Virginia
Scovell, Levi Connecticut
Scowden, Theodorus Pennsylvania
Schoonmaker, Edward New York
Sherwood, Nathan New York
Singley, Jacob Pennsylvania
Sleeper, Peter New Hamphire
Smith, Aubie/Aaron New York
Smith, Jr., Hezekiah New Jersey
Smith, James New Jersey
Smith, Noah New Jersey
Smith, Oliver Connecticut
Snedeker, Johannes New York
Staples, John Maryland
Stickney, James New York
Stroud, Jacob Pennsylvania
Swazey, Daniel New Jersey
Thomas, Elias Vermont
Titus, Jonathan New York
Torrey, Abner Massachusetts
Trowbridge, Luther Massachusetts
Van Alstyne, Lambaert New York
Van Alstyne, Thomas New York
Van Hoose, John Virginia
Van Keuren, Garrit New York
Van Orden, Andrew New Jersey
Van Tassel, Isaac New York
Warne, John New Jersey
Washburn, Daniel New York
Wheeler, John New Hampshire
Wikoff, Garret S New Jersey
Wilder, Thomas Connecticut
Willey, Abraham Connecticut
Williams, Thomas New Jersey
Wisner, Henry New York
Yeomans, Isaac New York
Young, Abraham Massachusetts

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